Whilst Thou

Whilst thou love me, till all time doeth ebb away,

whilst thou still need me, till all songs no longer stay?

Whilst thou heart be unto me, until thou cease to be,

will my heart be entwined with thou until our spirits are set free,

For I will be only yours till all the stars forget to shine,

my heart, my soul, are yours my love, all I have are thine

The breath I breathe each day, begins and ends with you,

this imperfect man I am, gives you all my love so true.

The flowers of the fields, the beauty of endless skies,

pale into insignificance when compared with the beauty in thine eyes.

All that I am, all I will come to be, are no one else but thine,

to cherish and adore thee, for thou have said, thee are mine.

by Ruth warren

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