NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Whilst You Are Dreaming I Am Not.

in the dreamy distance,
The hazy heavy sky,
sinks deeper down,
upon the icing sugar,
The light from the lampost,
dimmed by the cold,
breath of the dark night.
Somewhere out there,
you are sleeping,
waiting for me,
to meet you.
You are probally,
bathing your barbie doll
feet in the weary last waves
of the sleepy sea,
waiting, waiting for me.
Yet tonight i cannot sleep,
we shall both be lonely tonight.
skim a smoothed pebble out into
the sea,
maybe one might reach me,
take me to my love,
take me from this darkness,
that lays heavy from above.

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a chant an incantation certainly sadness but with such beauty the tale told that pebble shall not sink will not dive but somehow rise up on the poet's words and twirl in the air even though the heart be heavy a fine poem