Whilst You Slept

The tops of some of your tomato plants chomped on overnight
By a wallaby or a possum look an ugly sight
Due to the furry nocturnal marsupial it is obviously clear
That your tomato crop will be a poor one this year
Like snails do nocturnal creatures like young plants to eat
And un-sprayed tomato plants to them a tasty treat
Whilst you slept of your plants they enjoyed a good feed
Though them in your garden you sure do not need
And though for ruining some of your plants them you cannot forgive
The creatures of Nature must eat for to live
This morning in your garden for you quite a bad surprise
The tops eaten of some of your young tomato plants a sight for sore eyes
By a wallaby or a possum or even a rabbit or a hare
Nature's creatures of wrongdoing are never aware.

by Francis Duggan

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