Be A Star To Others

Melvin Banggollay

When the three wise men in the bible
Had a journey to search the Holy King
Who was born in a manger's cradle,
A star guided them to the blessed king.

A star even a mile away keep its gliter
To light and show the the way to the king
Who desired his life to be humbly offered
To ransom humanity from death and sin.

We can also be a star for other to see
When we make our life truly illumintates
mirrors of good values and kind deeds
That will inspire others to love and live.

Let us be a star that shines so unselfishly
To guide others to live and think properly
To inspire them to make life better everyday
and to seek the communion of God's glory.

let your life shines to lead others life
To realize that life is not just breathing
But caring and serving without strife
Anyone that needs our life blessings.


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