KCJ (12th June 1984 / Norwich, England)

Whimsical Sensibilities

Through sensibilty I find desire
to biologically expire.
Mine is not a wealthy greed;
not for fame or to succeed.
It takes me accute deliberation
to find I wish for liberation.
Yet to pass one's self through that door
would be to cheat the final score.
But what if you may never pass
until you see the gold within the brass?
But then your jewel becomes a lie,
an apparition before fate's eye.
You become the leaf that may never fall,
the seed that could not break the soil.
Never become so sure that you depend;
that's all I try to say my friend.

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Well, before you hang it up, There's more in life to fill your cup! Take some time to explore What you haven't seen before. Use the senses to be more aware Of what others never seem to care. Then be sure to thank your friends For taking time to make amends When things seem to go awry It only gets gets better if you try. Plant that seed in a better soil Then enjoy the efforts of your toil! s