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Whirlwind Of Screams From Within

a whirlwind within my head
just when it all starts to calm
just when i try to move forward
the winds rise again
and every time they rise
they only get stronger
i can not stop what goes on within
scream after scream
louder and louder
the wind rises
pushing me back
trapping me in the darkness
i can't stop what i hearing from within
i can't stop the winds from within
i don't know what starts it
but i know i can never end it
i hold no control
i feel my own mind betray me
my own mind hurt me me
for it eats away at my sanity from within
for in truth my own mind controls the winds
for it is the screams
that whirl around within
my mind is what traps me
it is the one thing that holds me back

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