Poem By Kostas Lagos

How can you talk to people about God
When you don't hear His voice in the cicadas' singing?
How can you immerse yourself in ongoing prayer
When the melody of crickets doesn't bring you in katanyxis?
How can you leave the world's worries
When you don't envy a snakeskin?
How can you teach about humility and simplicity
When the life of the sparrow seems so strange to you?
Listen to God as He whispers
And stop shouting to others about Him.

Comments about Whisper

Our life here is nothing but Coexistense, Live and let live. If we can't enjoy nature's wonders Our existense is zero Nice poem Suresh Kumar EK
I agree. Shouting God's name seems disrespectful anyway and it certainly doesn't incline a person to hear about Him. I too have seen, heard, thought, felt God in enjoying the world He created for us- it's a good way to start a walk with God. Well done write, Kostas. top rating if the scale works- still a top rating to me if it doesn't work
My dear friend Kostas - good morning! Yes, this poem is really great, beautiful and true! This poem makes me to remember Beethoven, who said to a friend of him: God is in the silence; if you wanna compose, hear God in the silence! You, as a priest, certainly hear He always, and this is just marvelous! Please, tell us what He say for you sometimes! It will be a great comfort for us! A great hug from Brazil! God bless you always!
Anybody who is with shortcomings and forgetfulness is not eligible for finding fault with others, especially about God Listen to God as He whispers And stop shouting to others about Him.. Superb!
Water Whispering hearing the soft sound of water whispering a mountain creek summer day bubbling the sound of flutter autumn leaves falling Inspired by the poem 'Whisper' by the poet Kostas Lagos. Dedicated to the poet Kostas Lagos.

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