Whisper Of Passion

eyes capture the gaze
lips moist with yearning
cheeks blush in the moment
arms ache to hold
breast..........milk and honeydew
tethered as a braid of gold
love closes the heart
to heat the fire of flesh
as a kiss of breath on the neck and bossom
longing in dreams
serene visions of forever
warm flesh holds warm flesh
the wants of fulfillment
held close for a time
talk is but a whisper
a secret to share
others only speculate the adore
for they matter not

' You only you, 'I trusted my heart and body
in smiles and laughter we came together
while sparks filled the newness
and the past turned to tomarrow
then faded out of sight

' Oh how time enveloped us ', as we melt into our future
holding on to holding on for we two are truly one
the years grow upon us, to only enlighten our love
through out the nights of making love
was the sweet nectar of the passion flower

by Myrtle Thomas

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