Whisper - Peace

Peace is a word spoken softly
With reverence - from deep in the heart
Like a prayer - or a benediction
Or the words two lovers impart. Just listen to the little children
They may laugh and shout - as they play
But if you ask them what they wish for the most
In hushed voices --"Peace" - they say. If you visit countries ravaged by war
See the little children, eyes wide from their fears
Tightly clutching a broken toy or torn blanket
Having seen too much in their few, short years. Ask them what their greatest wish for the world is
Softly - almost whispering you'll hear them say
"No more bombs - no more people hurting people"
Their tears start to fall and they quickly run away. The old - faces etched from their worries and cares
Tired eyed, squinting up at the sunny sky
You must lean closer to hear their words
"Peace - no more war. The Innocent die." Yes - Peace is a word spoken softly
With reverence deep within the heart
Together - all people - all nations
Can make it happen, if we each do our part.

by Bettie Lundy Slade

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