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Whisper Tree
ER (March 02,1989 / New Jersey)

Whisper Tree

Poem By Elizabeth Rebel

If I could
Take a piece
Of you,
Just a tiny piece
I would plant it
Beside a seed
So when it grew
I would know
That a piece
Of you is there
In my tree
And when the
Wind caressed
Your leafs
I would know that
It’s you, whispering
To me
And when I’m
Old and gray
I would take my
Grandchildren out
To play
And tell them of you
A hero and a tragic ending
So they would know
The beauty of life,
The sadness of death
And so I would know
That whatever you
May be
A part of you
Is there in
My Whisper Tree

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yearning made real in poem of mystery and truth and what a tree that would be forever sprouting leaves of memory nothing ever fades and this lovely poem touches the heart