Poem By Pointless Sixx

As i hold you in the dark i feel you breathing in my arms
your warmth coming off of you and onto me i heard you sigh
i feel your soft hair on my face than i say 'lets make a promise that if you ever leave me you will promise to come back' and and than you say 'i promise' you start to cry and than i hold you tighter and say 'don't cry i hate you'
you just laugh and say 'your aren't really seeing me cry'
i laugh to but then i hold you close to me when you fell asleep
i whisper ever so quietly 'i love you'

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Yes, that is truly love, kudos to you

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I Am Sorry

I scream, i cry
i call for help but no one hears my empty pleads
as i lay there on there ground in the rain
as it pours on my face, my body, in the distance i see her

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this new love as blossomed on our friendship
what makes you breathless
what will make you to fall in love with me
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i hate you, i hate you
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