Last Dance

Poem By Count Dracula

Touch me with your whispering words,
Let me feel your soft spoken truth.
Touch me with your traveling tears,
Let me feel something real.
Touch me with your lasting promises,
Let me feel no compromise.
Touch me without ever letting go,
Let me feel you forever.
Touch me with your happiness,
Let me feel your smile,
Touch me with your reassurance,
Let me give you my forever.

Listen to these whispering words,
Hear no greater pain.
Watch the last of these tears dry,
For once I feel alive.
Forgetting every promise,
every lie has its truth.
Slipping, I am slowly letting go,
Watch this smile fade.
Reassuring myself,
My forever was never for you to take.

These whispering words have never been so clear to me,
Screaming vengeance on my heart, how did I let this happen?

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so strong... chaos within

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