Poem By kendall thomas

I am the wind whispering of eternity.
I am silence.
I am the junkie on the street corner.
I am the moralist who condemns.
I am the one who stops to help the stranger.
I am the one who looks away.
I am the sick pervert slavering over the dead.
I am the lamb who nails you to the cross.
I am that wild joy that sends you running through the meadow.
I am the rotting corpse that astonishes you on the battlefield.
I am the slaughterhouse of ideals, the apostle of despair.
I am all.
I am all you wish for.
I am all you fear.
I am the worm, the leaf and the stone.
I am every character in every play, in every book.
I am proud, despicable, profound.
I am wise.
I am the prancing fool, the voice of nonsense, the sage of reason.
I am transcendent. I trail worlds behind me.
I am oblivion.
I am the gate to Heaven.
I am truth and
I am hell.

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