Memories Of Youth

Memories of youth are emerging, desisting, then reemerging,
Fully apt for the taking, magically presented by the mind.
Youth is a wonderful endeavour of the rich, the blamed,
Who struck their riches in health as well as wealth.
Health is far superior to the strength of a business,
This business is sick and final, working like a trick.
We describe fully a general air, a young memory of worth,
This joy brings full dreaming and dreams so splendid a spectacle,
We enjoy themselves, the dreams are forcing their way through
Like a soldier of strong bravery, the worst enemy is against him.

by Naveed Akram

Comments (4)

I was in a hideous shock, as I lay there heeding To the words I strutted to speak............To is not needed/appropriate after heeding. strutted? struggled perhaps? ? // i have 'a little trouble' with the last stanza, but i am called to supper soon! if you reply to my comments, please do so in a message, as i rarely return to a poem's page. i enjoyed the poem. good luck with your libido! ! ! bri ;)
I ran like prancing mouse terrified by a gigantic cat But she bolted me like a monster to the ground. I could now feel her sedated kiss upon my lips. I could not utter a word but grunted a muffled sound.....bolted? i like the struggle. will there be supernatural sex! ? ? (to be continued) ....
check the definitions of blistery (line 2) against those of blustery. :) Then this is what I heard she said like a tyrant.......i think your phrase heard she said needs HELP! ;) // i love this alliteration: deepest desperate desires, // check use of gore and detest here: I know that you fancy a fantastic gore You are trapped in a life of exasperation and detest. (to be continued) ..... i'm liking the poem very much. to MyPoemList. bri ;)
As a lover of supernatural poems, i can say, it is one of the best poems i have ever came across. love the story and the way you described it.