MFF ( / Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA)

Whispers Of Escaped Thoughts

Thoughts of all sorts pervade the mind.
The way to release them is sometimes hard to find.
The brain holds them as if it were a jail.
They cannot be released on any kind of bail.
Some are private and should stay where they are.
Others should be scattered near and afar.
With great effort some manage to escape,
From where they have known mauling..death..or rape.
Disguise of laughter, screams, or gasps, and sighs,
Or wails and prayers, can tear them from their ties.
Then, once broken away from their captor "the brain",
They change into whispers of escaped to remain
Thence to detect-enlighten-buffer-man's struggle against the wind.
They bring new life to places where before man failed or sinned.
A thought in it's free state, is as flexible as the breeze
To gain a new configuration-modified or embellished-to please.
Descending like breeze-swirled, leaves of the fall.
Multicolored words, soft or brittle, broken or shaped, drop on all.
To reborn...return to brain.
Where mind swirls...and thoughts plan escape again.

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