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Whispers Of The Past
DM (9-17-79 / Texas)

Whispers Of The Past

Poem By Derek McCasland

Memories and shadows,
Fill this empty place,
Which once was filled with joy;
Now gone without a trace.

Laughter of a child,
Cookies cooling on the stove,
Rest your weary head
From the miles that you drove.

Music gently wafting,
We sit and chat and smile,
Fill your cup once more,
Hoping you'll stay awhile.

Whispers of the past,
I guess not meant to last,
Bond of blood we forged,
Now fragile as that glass...

That we poured ourselves into,
Never thinking of it twice,
Now finally bidden
To pay this mournful price.

I remember how you smiled,
When I would bring you joy,
Side hurting from the laughter,
You blessed upon that boy.

When did we part ways?
Where did the time go?
Why are we now burdened?
Would it even help to know?

..Laughter of a child,
Memories and shadows,
Gone with the dust,
That blows from the gallows.

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