Whispers Through The Trees

Joy is sometimes fraught with sorrow,
as sunbeams shine through rain.
You are my brightest moment of tomorrow,
and the reason for happiness today.

Loving moments linger here and there,
and your spiritual presence surrounds me.
A song has no substance to declare,
yet its melody moves us profoundly.

Wafting thoughts break through the past -
like a zephirous hushful breeze -
and gentle sounds are caught at last,
from whispers through the trees.

My love surpasses the deepest oceans,
and the un-measured scope of sky.
As fantasy draws from wonderous emotions -
producing magnificent visions to the eye.

Sweet is that voice I remember so well.
None other than you could please,
and the haunting, charming spell -
of those whispers through the trees.

by Ilo Redifer

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