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Whispers To My Lover

Whispers to My Lover

I want to say something new to you but the words I write cannot say what I mean. I must be with you. I must be rolling and sweating with you before you can know what I am trying to tell you. I must be gibbering incoherently. Only then will you understand.

I feel no loneliness with you.

I am afraid of the power we feel together. I must tell you that. If I keep it hidden it will be a secret so I want you to know. I will be more confident if you know I am scared. You are the only one I can tell this too.

Long before we met we walked ancient beaches together. We shall scale the Himalayas long after we have gone.

I want to surround you. To protect you. I want to crush you, to pull you into me until we are breathing together as one.

I can scream and squeal with you. I can bust my lungs out. I am that open. I can let loose with no fear whatsoever.

When we make love I want it to go on forever. I don't care about my orgasm, I don't care about my ego. I just want to feel you, to experience you, to explore you.

We see the beauty in the storms, the light in the dark, the pleasure in the pain. We wander brashly through the dark back alleys of our psyches hand in hand. We giggle at phantasms we thought were terrors. We join like joyous serpents, squeezing, twisting, and entrapping each other.

I want to be lost in the desert with you.

You are my intensity. You are the focal point of my energy, my heat. I give you all of it. I want to swim in you. I want to completely submerge myself in you. I am willing to drown in you.

When we kiss there is no thought. There is no past, there is no future. There is no time at all. There is only you and me. Our tongues play, our tongues wrestle, our tongues slip slide our souls into each other. Our kisses are pleasure, our kisses are love. Our kisses define intimacy.

Tell me what you like. Teach me what you want.

Do not run from pain or fear. Welcome it.

You are my succubus. Tempt me. Taunt me. Dig your nails into my naked flesh in the night. Bring me to a new life, a new rebirth. I am tired of my old life, I want a new one.

I am Apollo, you are my nymph. Let us burn brightly and brightly burn.

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