Whisphering Pine Trees

Melvin Banggollay

When I took a summer in Baguio City
I sat below a shade of a smiling pine tree
Whose trunk is tall towering with glee
and leaves like a needle swaying gracefully
with the wind's gentle command and melody.

What a joy I behold as coldness was over me
as the cool breeze of the wind shares with me
the tenderness of her soft touch and serenity
While love birds sung above cheerfully
humming with the pines musical company.

Clearly, I heard them sung and prayed fervently
For man to stop burning the forest the scenery
Cutting down the trees over greed for money
without leaving a footprints of their beauty
in their desire to build temple of their fury.

Trees are our gift from God's bounty
We should not exploit over other's malady
For if nature will cry for justice to set free
Humanity will behold lot of catastrophy
as a price for destroying nature's ecology.

Indeed, we are God's only caretaker
Of nature He created with all his power
as he want to make our wold a wonder
and a heaven of His creations and power
for humanity to enjoy and care forever.


Comments (2)

Very well written, and a great message, a joy to read thanks for sharing.
Wise, concerning words, finely delivered...Very fine work & valuable message, indeed... ~ FjR ~ ..2008..