Whistle And Sing

He walks in the Townpark every morning the old man known as Whistle and Sing
The great gift of joy is a blessing it is such a wonderful thing
He is always whistling and singing on the pathway as he walks along
The ballads he learned in his young years the man who knows many a song
The songs he heard his father singing when he was young decades ago
When he was a boy in the valley in the home of the black and gray crow
The years have left him looking older his once brown hair now silver gray
But he is a happy old fellow he whistles and sings every day
He is in the park every morning even in weather cold enough to snow
And everyone he meets he smiles at and to everyone he says hello
He may be well into his seventies but he has the heart of a boy
And happiness he carries with him to know one like him is a joy
He is in the park every morning the man known as Whistle and Sing
And happiness is always with him and joy to the World he does bring.

by Francis Duggan

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