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Whistles Back-Cauchy3
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Whistles Back-Cauchy3

Whistles back…
Echoes back are echoes lives.
Whistles backs are doomed are give.
Wait for chances and keep the charges.
Heroes made our colors larges.

Made précised are whistles pays.
Holding out are men to stay.
Give a hand for mighty cases.
Give you tastes are basic bases.

Pros or cons are done for null.
Kick on sides as clouds are dull.
Breathe quick are blowing earths.
Hearts to hearts are hearts of hearths.

Hearts to hearts are army deals.
Search you something Taiwan real.
Search you all are better tastes.
Sprees and drinks are furious fast.

Take your drafts on soldier camps.
Link your lights are family lamps.
Whistle back to china rouse.
Hero Taiwan makes their houses.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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