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White Against White
(25th March 1943 / )

White Against White

Poem By Ernestine Northover

A polar bear treads warily across the ice,
In search of food.
Anything that he can acquire, would well suffice,
If something’s viewed.

Out in this vast isolated arctic expanse,
Where winds howl loud.
He waits, aloof, facing the roar in solid stance,
So strong and proud.

White against white, is seen, in this cold world of snow.
He travels far.
Cruising this frosted landscape where blue waters flow.
His Shangri La.

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Comments (5)

I could feel the cold from here - you have captured the stark beauty of nature here Ernestine - 'ice, suffice, isolated' all words that echo the 'ice' sound and reinforce the white against white landscape you have painted with your words. Beautifully crafted - the language is chillingly accurate. j xx
Ernestine, as Always I am impressed by your vision of things! I love the white against white imagery...truly the polar is beauty personified...in a peace filled way especially in its own habitat amongst the snow and the ice. I love this one.......thanx for sharing and Take care of U, Shelley
Ernestine your imagry is fantastic here, the reader can clearly see what is going on. I can almost see a tear in the eye of the polar beer, needing to find that food. A truly lovely write Ernestine. Melvina
This is really lovely Ernestine, you have a way of describing things so that the reader can imagine every detail, I echo Tara's words, love Lynda xxx
This is SO well-depicted... I feel like I have a David Attenborough picture on my screen... brilliant. t x