White Bird

White bird in her lonely cage, her golden age, her silent rage,
Freedom screams, His love redeems, breaks through these bars,
Removes the scars, her wings adjust, shakes off the dust,
Lifts up her head, discards the dread, the past is dead,
The future brings, salvation rings.... All is saved that's worthwhile memory,
The rest is thrown unto the throne,
Where He collects but not neglects... To save to show His mercy though His heart wished not,
And quite distraught to save dismay for Judgment Day,
To show His love, into the Sea of forgetfulness, Deliverance,
As one last pain engulfed in rain,
As mighty waves wash over me and then the calamity... As Spirit stands, the naked fire within her prime reduced to claim,
Her love divine, the promised truth.
Her head bent low received the crown,
Then spread her wings as He gives word,
To mount to nearby Kingdom high,
To sing as other warriors sing,
Hosanna to the King of Kings. Amen

by Linda Lara

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