ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

White Buffalo Calf Women

Great Prophetess of The Lakota Nation
I see you
At the apex of The Black Hills
I hear you
You are beautiful and wise
You are White Buffalo Calf Women
I love you

On this sacred hill we smoke
We smoke your pipe of harmony
We bridge this realm and the next
Our ancestors come in this dreaming

For I am Wakanda
For I am the sun and the wind
Born from Her eternal light
White Buffalo Calf Woman
You are Her eternal light

I wear these peace talismans of wampum
Which you gave me on this earthly plane
To honour your love and wisdom
Great Souix Priestess

Thus you ascend
With your coat of many colours
My Creatrix;

You love all of humankind
You have shown me The Way
You are fore`er in my vision quests
My guardian spirit

For we have lived and loved many times
I await The Prophecy of Peace
I shall tarry hither, tending your fire
I shall smoke your pipe; connecting Sky and Earth
Til The White Buffalo Calf Woman returns

With you, balance shall return

Lady Rainmaker speaks
I listen..............................with a full heart

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