White Comedy

I waz whitemailed
By a white witch,
Wid white magic
An white lies,
Branded by a white sheep
I slaved as a whitesmith
Near a white spot
Where I suffered whitewater fever.
Whitelisted as a whiteleg
I waz in de white book
As a master of white art,
It waz like white death.

People called me white jack
Some hailed me as a white wog,
So I joined de white watch
Trained as a white guard
Lived off the white economy.
Caught and beaten by de whiteshirts
I waz condemned to a white mass,
Don't worry,
I shall be writing to de Black House.

by Benjamin Zephaniah

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Saw you at the poetry cafe a few years ago and thought you were brilliant! Love the way you perform poetry. Good poem
we are all refugees and there are no refugees.refugees are the by product of the concept Country invented by the white man because he thought he owned the land
I truly enjoyed reading this poem in my sense of understanding, the poem is based on black and white and Benjamin basically replaced the word black with white Truly deep and what a talented poet
Very well expressed poem about white and black. Enjoyed reading it.
White, black, coloured etc does not matter. Its just outward appearance. Man's intellectual capability is real thing
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