White Doves

Of all these are some of my favorite things
The way a trees sways, the morning-lark sings,
Swallowing sea waves swallowing silent sands;
The pumping hearts, the ever-welcoming hands
Of reunited lovers - how she leaps into his arms
A mosaic of kisses, a kaleidoscope of charms;
Motherly love, O to it, nothing does compare
Most special are the moments she spends in prayer;
Blue skies, sunny skies, rainy skies, I love them all
The green grass of summer, falling leaves in fall;
Now the snows of winter, I no longer find so bad,
For in the dead heat of summer I miss them just a tad;
Bicycle rides with Her along the stretching bay;
Fishing with my brothers and the riverside fillet;
Every descending rainbow – he remembers his word :) !
And doves: white doves, they’re my favorite bird.
Sunset is beautiful and matched only by the sunrise
Now I end the rolling list to rest my droopy eyes.

Copyright © 2010 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

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