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~white Dress~

~white Dress~

meet me at 8pm tonight
and ill be dressed in white
ill wear it just for you
make sure ill be seeing you

i'll bring our box of memories
the one i've filled with tears
all of them caused by you
including all my fears

dont ask me why i'm doing this
just think and reminisce
im the one who loves you truly
but you chosed to be dismissed

stop saying sorry for your acts
it wont make me feel better
just admit that you did wrong
and you had another lover

dont worry i wont hurt myself
and wont try to end my life
i just want you to see me dressed in white
just like your future bride

tonight will be the strangest night
the one you wont forget
i'll show you how you give me pain
it might make you feel insane

promise to meet me
and never stood me up
this might be the last time
so you better hurry up

tonight is the night of remembering
all those bad times you've given me
tonight is the night of regret
for you to ever know me..

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