White Feather

Poem By Suman (SomeOne) Mukherjee

One day, early in the morning, I woke up with a broken dream,
In my dream, I had seen an angel; she was so beautiful that I fell
In her love, but when eyes opened, I couldn’t find her, she was probably gone,
Beside me, on my bed, there was a white feather, with a tied letter,
It was written just as I’m writing here; tell me what you think about,
Is there really someone came in my room or is it all just a dream?
It was written that, “I’m yours, forever to be, you shall never cry,
I’ll show myself again, till then you love me, and love me till you die, ”
I still hold the feather I got that day; I’m still in love with that maiden,
Was she a fairy or a princess, or was she a gorgeous angel?
White feather, it proves my love is true, none will ever understand my way,
White feather, I know she was really there, I know she loves me since that day,
Then one year passed by, she didn’t came in my dream again,
After that on a rainy night, when I had my left hand broken,
She came to see me, in a dress that only a true angel can afford,
She whispered near my ears, for a minute or two, I still remember her word’,
“I love you, and I’ll always do so, never think of anyone other than me”,
Then she touched my forehead, kissed my cheek, and went away,
The lonely night which was disturbed by her whisper, kept on its silence,
I wanted to spent a little more time with her, but I held my patience,
After that she never appeared till now, I wish to see her face,
She was so beautiful, so mystic, her elegance touches the highest grace,
White feather, it knows my pain, it’s the care she showed towards me,
White feather, a pleasure like the moonlight, which every night I see,
I know I can’t love anyone else now, my heart only seeks her, I have lots to say,
I know we’ll meet again, maybe for a bit longer next time; we’ll meet again someday…

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