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White Horses
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White Horses

Below me, the tide is washing them away
Below me, the waves are swaying their manes
Below me, the children play in their territory
Above me, the sky, broken by candy floss clouds

Below me, my distraught mother, crying in a corner
Below me, my weeping father, saddened and alone
Below me, my family, in pieces and helplessly hysterical
Above me, the glowing, calling my name

Below me, boats circle the scene of disruption.
Below me, the people search for the rotting corpse.
Below me, they are giving up all hope
Above me, I see the light of eternity

Below me, I have left behind my life
Below me, I have left behind my body
Below me, I have left without a single goodbye
Above me, my next stop in life

Me, I’m dead
Me, I’m going to heaven
Me, I drowned
Me, I was killed by WHITE HORSES

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