White House Rod

The wife of the President, yes, that I am,
Otherwise known as Lady Hilary "Rodham" Clinton.
Mom, lawyer, a political figure all three,
None like her, the white House did see.

Know me as the "Rod-that-I-am",
Intent on work, to get this health plan,
Universal, cost effective for you and me,
Fair, accessible; just wait, you'll see.

Like hell, my husband and I fought the crime bill,
It was tough, not easy, but still
Thanks, come, work with me and President Clinton,
Halo! Do vote, till Universal care is won.

Cancer, heart attack are now number three,
Aids another killer, confirmed C.D.C.,
But crime; killing is number one disease,
Yes, down with bullets! Now health care please!

America, you'll need to think and stare
At times, occurrences, and seek Universal care,
To secure our families, businesses and country,
Vote Universal Health Care, for our economy.

by Margaret Alexander

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