Salt And Water Are Not Enough To Keep The Madayans Alive - الملح و الماء ليسا كافيين لأبقاء اهل مضايا على قيد الحياة

تمتلىء طاولات عالمنا كله بألذ الاطعمة و الشراب بينما تحتوي طاولات مضايا على الملح و الماء لماذا ؟ لماذا لا تزال مضايا تحت ذلك الحصار الحقير ؟! ____________________________________________


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Sylva Portoian (11/4/2011 3: 39: 00 PM) Please read this poem It respires from Black Skin But from a real White Heart Forwarded to The White House Those who respect the Criminals And neglect Innocent races Who Can't possess guns And never like to kill... Who can't protect them selves From Scavengers Those slayers have countless Hidden scimitars...
In another place The heading says 'The White House'
This is one of the best English poems That inspired me to write... Why it is ignored on this site..? No comments No Cry... No praise I can't understand, why...! I say to Claude, ' Don't keep Your heart Inviolate The people neglect your pure heart They vote for others Who said to be famous But after I read your stanzas I felt readers are unfair Lost sense To understand your mind...!