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White Ibis With Plastic Bag
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

White Ibis With Plastic Bag

Poem By Alison Cassidy

I was pushing the laden trolley

when I saw him - flying low
with long outstretched wings
and something blue
like a parachute
trailing behind.

A white ibis!

He dropped out of the air
close to me
and staggered
into the Safeway loading bay.

I crawled after him on hands and knees.

He was utterly helpless
helpless and ridiculous
wearing that silly plastic bag
like a necklace.

A moment of hesitation
- as I perused the long curved bill -
then I lunged quickly
and held the bird tight
(Mum used to keep chooks)

His trembling body felt warm
and fragile beneath my hands
and his beak wasn't sharp at all -
but rubbery when he pecked me.
It didn't hurt a bit.

I removed the bag
and the bird flew away
leaving me strangely elated.

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Comments (15)

beak wasn't short at all, when he pecked me. Pecking was his job. Oh how sensitive you were to do this! ! With the story line, images, flow...this is something an editor is waiting for, Alison! I wish everyone, who could, would do this type of rescuing! ! Too often I would see a 'diving duck' with a six-pack, plastic ring around it's neck. Great job on TWO arenas! ! xxElysabeth
how beautiful...animals seem to know when they have come across a human being that can help them...i loved this poem because it has an environmental feel to it...the juxtaposition being that you saved a creature from one of the many problems human beings have created for the natural world...plastics..no wonder you felt elated...Love Sandyxxx
Allie, you probably saved a life. Great story and a very engrossing read as ever. You have a true storyteller's gift. And there's not a duffer amongst them. Every word and every line counts. x jim
No small feat accomplished on that day. That is one relatively large boid (as Jerry would say) with which to be dealing. Another one of your authentic 'tranche de vie' type pieces served up rather nicely. Reminded me of two springs ago when I tried to return a baby cardinal to its nest, and was met with its dive-bombing mother; should have had the old hockey helmet on. Oh well, a few pecks to the unprotected melon didn't deter my successful effort. LOL!
A delightful and touching story. Your adrenalin did you proud on that day. Today there are too many people who pretend not to notice to avoid embarassment or inconvenience. Charming, thanks! Patrick xx
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