White Lies

White Lies

Written by: Mario Vitale

Dreams of passion filled within my mind

Screams of Satanic laughter in my soul

We lost touch long ago

You lost weight I did not know

You could look so fine after all this time

Remember those days hanging out at the village pier

I shed a single tear to help numb the inner pain

Not having you in my arms was driving me insane

Days with fun with Pop rocks & bottle tops

Sneakers in the high school gym

It used to mean something to hold open the car door for your lover

A great sense of respect has taken a back seat for temporal lust

In a fast paced world in quite a bit of rush

The white lies that you told have taken root & grown

We used to make out in the back seat of my car

Danced until our hearts content down at our neighborhood bar

White lies of crazy money coming in

Now its best to hold our breath & take it all in

Yet we have come this close not to turn back now

Why turn back when your hands on the plow

Cause sugar is sweet so sweet like honey

Now its up to me to take home the money

Just holding our own after all these years

Cheap beers & the tears flowing down from our faces

Have to settle for a pair of Goodwill sneakers with those funny laces

Life is a trip so try to take it all in

Learn from your mistakes a good way to begin

Gave my heart to Jesus had to forfeit my sin

We are but mice stuck in a cage

looking for escape thinking we got it made

Be brave & hold your head up to the sky

Follow the golden rule so read your books & stay in school

But you say that's not to cool

White lies come & then they go

White lies come & then they go

Get the beats straight & increase the tempo

by John Ackerman

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