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White Lilies
EL ( / Plainfield, New Jersey)

White Lilies

Poem By Eleanor Lynar

Noble Tie, your brother does recall how your life was encased with
multiple challenges that weighed heavily upon your sanity. A razor
thin edge and marginal degree away from insanity. These challenges
were unforeseen, but you faced them valiantly.
Beloved sister, your star light presence sparkled with radiance. It
was a glamorous sight. But, a fatal car crash, in the dark night,
snatched your life and put out that light.
The public echoes declare nationwide, "Who died?, I am shocked!,
How?, and Why?" These were heartstrings of expressions voiced for
you, Noble Tie; beloved mother of two.
Your Memorial Service was a dam of flooded tears, marked by family,
well-wishers and friends. They pay their last respects, words and
a dedicated song, as they watched your coffin pass on.
Today, your brother stands beside your grave, with wet eyes, gazing
at the white flowered Lilies that carpet the site. I softly say,
"Visions I have, loving sister, of you lying in death's unconscious
sleep., I am crestfallen in grief."
Noble tie, I have learned from your death that your loving acts of
kindness done for ones fellowman will be talked about. Your pain
and strife perished at the end of your life. Why? Flaw is man.

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