White Magic!

White tigers like to bathe a spell
And so, of course, did he,
And with my camera, I knew well,
Great photos I would see...
Reflections that seemed Heaven-sent
And colours that were great,
I clicked away to my content,
With much to celebrate...

I love white tigers in the wild,
They look so debonair,
So I was staring like a child,
His first day at the fair...
Each spectacle that proves enough
And then, somehow, enthralls,
As giddy as a man in love,
When Nature's magic calls...

When that white tiger strode away
And on his journey strayed,
A part of me praised God that day
And that was why I prayed...
'Protect white tigers from Mankind,
Preserve them one by one,
From those proved foolish, cruel and blind...
Please, God... Thy will be done...'

Denis Martindale, copyright April 2016.

A poem based on a magnificent wildlife painting,
by artist Stephen Gayford. Google-search
gayfordgallery and 'Stephen Gayford poetry'.

by Denis Martindale

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