ST (6/7/58 / Cleveland, Ohio)

White Man's World

living in this white man's world
is not that hard to do
you'll get along just perfectly
as long as you're white too

but if by chance your skin is black,
and your mind and soul as well
a constant struggle will exist
and make your life here hell!

the white man creates all the laws..
his books are in our schools...
the ruling class, the master race...
the white man makes the rules

the path the black man follows here, ..
the white man sets the flow...
we've had a triumph here and there, ...
but progress has been slow...

our leaders he eliminates, ...
our families he destroys!
drugs, war, hatred, poverty...
are tactics he employs

for centuries the white man has
in every way he could
convinced the world that black is bad
and only white is good

and sadly he has beat us down
his persistence stole our will
divided, brainwashed and confused
each other now we kill

a judgment day will surely come
a sight blacks long to see
because it seems that only God
can set Black people free

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Comments (1)

This is such a sad commentary. So very very sad. But every line that you have written is the deep and mournful truth. Great works, Steven