White Nights Ii Paradiso

Lo the paradise would open on us,
Lo the showers of candles carried by angels
Lo the night had silvery sheen,
Lo the breeze is from the east.

What laments have you gathered dear heart,
Yet afraid of separation before the beloved,
Yet descended on the throne from heaven
Nay the heaven not but you are on earth.

Look O goddess upon thine disciples,
For the chants the children were running in the leaves,
Drops of the elixir were sold like from homes,
Those angels why smile so heavenly

O earth be witness
I fear some typhoons and evil eyes
I pass through as if like wind in spring
I touched few lips and kissed some hair

Bring down the aroma of roses,
My eyes in wonders looked for one,
Those beauties had the pervasiveness of sweet
Languid looks.

I would rather die for the innocence,
And for the wide thin legs like antelopes
For a while I thought,
What would be paradise sans devil

She would rule by her beauty,
They would worship her for her beauty,
She would then smile and laugh,
An incomparable happiness would she harbor.

Then the moisture of the night,
For the day was already over,
Only sweet dreams and to rise uo again,
She was the lover and bnot the killer.

Will the grace of your innocence and beauty,
Descend on me,
Would your happiness be the cause to untie me,
Would I gather the silk of your softness again.

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