VW (17-04-1969 / India)

White Oil

A Roadblock
The cause -

Public Distribution System
Unloading the Blue Oil
Through a Tanker.
Huge gathering
Rich and poor
Already present
Claiming their stake.

A Confrontation
The cause –

Vehicles eager
To pull on to destination.
No time to see
Fear of white oil
Reflecting in those eyes.
Police called to clear the way
With strength of their gun.

An evil - Starvation
The Reason –

Cost of cooking
Costlier, the huts bear,
Cost of vehicle oil
Most owners don’t care.
Among all pains
Lone, love, lust … a big list
Cost of white oil, is the worst.

(Blue Oil - Kerosene (cooking oil) sold at ration shops - cheaper
White Oil - Kerosene sold at open market - costlier)


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And our political pundits & elected officials continue to wonder why they cannot stop the dam of finacial ruins from cracking! Well expressed, young lass...Enjoyed this a lot Vidi...Smooth as a newborns flesh! F j R
The truth...........well crafted
If only consciences would awaken and make society better for everyone. Thanks for your thought-provoking poems.
...a companion for 'THE COST OF FOOD'. The plight of the havenots is a touching theme indeed.Poetry with a mission is to be our motto at times..Well written again Ms Vidi.
well, three evils...and three causes...but answer is only one....the one that poem gives...one is to three...or three is to one? a good one!
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