White Owl In Flight

Whilst walking through the wood today, twixt trees beneath the sun,
I spied young foxes, both at play and smiled to see such fun.
Then I moved on, midst morning mist, and grass adorned with dew,
Cheered up by flowers, summer-kissed, so radiant to view.
Their fragrant perfume filled the air, yes, 'Heaven scent', indeed!
Attracting insects everywhere to come and have their feed.
Then suddenly I saw a sight that took my breath away -
A wondrous white owl caught in flight, perhaps in hunt for prey...
The wings outstretched like envelopes, like surf-boards in the sky!
My heart at once was full of hopes - at first I knew not why!
And then I knew, I understood, for in that bird I saw
Each has its realm, just as it should! What need is there for more?
Some creatures walk, some creatures fly and others float or swim,
Dependent on God's grace to live, subservient to Him.
God put me here to walk this Earth, within His worldly plan...
To cherish Christ, and praise His worth, and help my fellow man...

by Denis Martindale

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