White Snow (La Neige Blanche)

As the last of autumn's leaves finally fall
As the hearkening winter wind begins to call
As the tiniest chill creeps around the hall
Little girls stare out the window in awe

A six pointed star peers out from great height
Gathers its courage and begins its flight

Naughty snowflakes then follow in tow
Serenading as gusts of wind blow
One girl reaches out to catch the snow
Dancing, prancing in the white on white glow

Snowflakes come tumbling from the sky
Caught in the winds they begin to fly

Gradually, gradually they form a mist
One girl finds it hard to resist
The girl dances on the whispering wisp
Every step eloquent, a burgeoning artist

Each snow white crystal, ballerina of the firmament
Moves through the air in slow steady movement

Time passes, snow falls in a flurry
Lights dim, mothers begin to worry
As the night sky becomes blurry
An inevitable leave, yet the girls are sorry

As the last of snowflakes fall through the air
Spinning, pirouetteing, turning with great flair

by diamond heart

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wow alternateting quatrains and couplets...with nice rhymes and fine theme...lovely! WELCOME TO PH FAMILY dear...............keep writing!