White Women Get Anorexia - Binge Eating Disorder For Blacks

I eat and retain when I'm hungry
I still eat and retain when I'm not
I eat and retain when I'm happy,
Just as I do, when I'm sad.

I eat and retain when an idea excites me
And when depression keeps me still
I continue to eat on a full stomach
Stopping only, in fear I explode

I can gain 5 lbs in one session
But loose it, only after 5 days of fast
And though I know that fasting resets mind and body
Getting through the first day is hard.

Trauma compounds and descends through generations
Just like riches inherited by heirs of those who conquer and steal
Thus when Catholic Popes instructed Europeans to invade and exploit People Of Color worldwide -for their God's sake
Effects from their Doctrines of Discovery, still affect us 24/365.

Those crimes have never been admitted and atoned by the Vatican's Christian power
Nor reconciled by God, when we shout hallelujah louder than whites
God is therefore complicit with white people's crimes against POC
And thus we're convinced unconsciously
That White Supremacy Racism God rewards.

Many youths of color use guns to exit the world early
Not wanting to meekly turn the other cheek as their elders did
Females of color on the other hand insist on being long suffering
While self-medicating on cheap junk foods.

Under stress, eating and purging keep white woman skinny or anorexic
While women of color binge and retain and thus gain fat
Then we blame ourselves for having no will power
Though our generational trauma few others could navigate.

We couldn't do better before we knew better
Before we were clear of the generational crimes still embedded within
Which sophisticated western medicine failed to even acknowledge
Since scientists are still products of a racist society too.

Now it shouldn't matter how long it has taken us to get to this knowledge
It shouldn't matter if God continues to reward our exploiters
In spite of the greater negative effects we daily endure
All that should matter is who we decide to become from this moment onward
And courageously release Gods, who fail to distinguish right from wrongs.

by Ripuree Rip

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Such a brilliant write..This will awaken human soul in every reader...thank you for sharing... More power... JEZ
Not only white, yellow, brown or black, all are guilty of imperialism. Not only Roman Catholic church, anyone who gained power exploited the resources of the weaker humans. This exploitation we still see in this 21st. century. At least we have started thinking of it, it's something positive.