Whither Shall I Go?

Happiness is not a destination
To which we all may seek.
It is a process of incidences
to make us strong or weak.
As we respond to many activities
Along the way,
They will show our progress
Each and every day. Each day we'll live to the fullest,
Counting blessings rich or poor.
Radiating sunshine to each and everyone
at our front door.
Let us not sow seeds of anger or malcontent.
But thankful for the Plan of Peace,
Now to earth is sent. Each little snowflake is special
As scientists frankly state.
The water cycle is essential
To make our lives so great.
And as we see the puddles and
Storms from day to day,
Remember the nice, warm water
Into our tubs to play. As Naomi of old so aptly said,
"Whither thou goest, I will go."
Her home was different,
Surrounding new, but Lo,
"Thy God will be my God,"
She said supportingly.
That takes a lot of faith. Let's count the acts of love,
They help us walk so tall.
And as the Lord looks down
Upon our simple life
I hope He smiles at us,
As we struggle with our strife.

by Merlin R. Sorensen

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