MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Whitwashed Walls

It seems there’s nought that they don’t know
How long to God they pray -Mt.6: 5
The Pharisees of long ago
Are still with us today

The finest robes to church they wear -Mt.23: 5
Like those who’ve gone before
But then God’s flock they’ll rip and tear -Mt.23: 24
Pursuing every flaw

In church they cry as on the street -Mt.6: 5
As wheat they seem to stand -Mt.13: 26
They love to take the highest seat -Mt.23: 6
But not in Jesus’ hand

True righteousness, must theirs excel -Mt.5: 20
No wrinkle spot or stain -Eph.5: 27
All hypocrites are bound for hell
Not one in Christ will reign

Their whitewashed walls by Christ are seen -Mt.23: 27
God knows what lies beneath
To man they seem as Jesus’ queen
Too few; can see the wreath

Oh yes in church they’re with us still -Mt.13: 26
Their fruits are seen by all -Mt.7: 20
Best pay no heed their yeast can kill -Mt.16: 6
And bring a child to fail

Our brother Paul was once as these Act.23: 6
He too thought he was wise Php.3: 4-6
Till Jesus brought him to his knees -Act.9: 4
To open up his eyes -Act.9: 18+Php.3: 7

God said “My grace must you suffice -2Cor.12: 9
I’ve work for you to do -Act.13: 2
Your life you too; must sacrifice -Act.9: 16
As I have done for you” -2Cor.5: 14-15

by Michael P. Johnson

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