Who? ? ? ? ?

Blades of nature, splicing through the flesh..
As warmth rolls in the spleandour of the light..
Fresh, green whiffs of heat mixed with ardour in a splash..
Smiles reaching out to take fancy in flight…

Damp, wet and soft she holds his hands as they merge..
He in turn melts in the pleasure of the time..
All is in awe of the union of the surge..
The fields awaken in these moments of flame…

Who is she and who is he?
Lovers forsaken by the rest…
Enraptured by the whole yet humbled by the waves of the crest..
Fluid, flowing and filling …filling the emptiness that leaves the rest..
Breeze is she and earth is he…..emerging as one to be the one…

by valsala shan

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like waves on the ocean like foam on the surf who comes from who when the wind gives birth.........beautiful write......John