BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Who Actually Killed Christ?

Christ came to die for you and me and on the cross He set us free,
Freed from a life of sin and pain, freed my friend to be Born-Again.
Everyone who looks to the cross shall be saved from eternal loss,
Jesus came to save all who are lost and on Calvary He paid the cost.

It was the determination of God you see to nail His Son upon a tree,
Though He died at the hands of men God foreknew just how and when.
It was Satan's biggest loss for Christ claimed Victory on the cross,
It pleased God, at His Son's cost, as He saved sinners who were lost.

Worldly wisdom could not see that religion played a part at Calvary,
God's sign that The Law did end was when the temple curtain was rent.
God ended any need for religious dross when He turned to the cross,
With man now redeemed at the cross man's religion has been tossed.

Religion doesn't set men free, but only the finished work on Calvary,
Men's rules still leave you in sin, only in Christ are you forgiven.
The true Church of the Bloody Cross started on the day of Pentecost.
From that day at all cost believers have sought out all who are lost.

Man didn't say but God decreed that Jesus was pierced for you and me.
It was by His Father that Jesus was sent to be the Savior of all men.
It pleased God to use the cross to shed His blood to save the lost.
And He will judge all who scoff and in the Fire they will be tossed.

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