AL (05-29-91 + still living / Wake County, NC)

'Who Am I? '

A girl filled with so much fear
Afraid for someone to get near
‘Cause she’s afraid of hurting someone
Even though she’s always that someone
Why does she feel sad?
Maybe she makes everyone mad
So, mad that they kill her with words
Always feeling like thirds
Telling a lie each day
Never having anything to say
On her knees begging for help
In her mind screaming for help
An unknown person
Who is this person?
Always running away
Always saying okay
Getting in trouble
Just because she stumbled
Tumbled over her foot
For her that wasn’t good
Life for her is a pain
While everyone thinks it’s a game
Who to be told sorry
But when she does say sorry
Her life falls apart
And she doesn’t know how to restart
Being a little over prepared to win
All she sees is the wind
Being her isn’t easy
She feels a little queasy
For being told what she should do?
But she always tries to make it true
Trying to please everyone she knows
She’s not making it, though
Can you believe in death?
Or do you believe in wreath
Which one could be true in her case?
Maybe she’s a mistake
How will she know the truth?
Can she believe in you?
Trying to please no one anymore
Soon she meets the grand four
But it’s doesn’t start pretty
Or even ends pretty
By now she thought she’ll be dead
Only not laying in her bed
Laying on a unknown road
Blood falls form her body & nose
No one seems to travel her way
So she realizes that day
No one cares for her
Not even a little dirt
Why does she care for everyone?
Afraid to express her feelings
But she wants to be really...
Not obsess with boys
‘Cause their just like toys
They can be named mine
And turn off at any time
Don’t really know what's love
So she wants to be alone
Night and she pray
Praying to become a brand new lady
She’s an angel
That’s always tangled
Tangled in vines
When she’s by herself
She falls off the shelf
She’s able to express words
Without no one to disturb her
This girl is one of a kind
Stuck in a people’s mind
All she thinks about is one thing
Hoping someone will hear her sing
Always wanting to stand tall
Even when she knows she doesn’t have it at all
All she has are memories of things
Just as the bell rings
She hears in the silence a voice
She wonders what happens to all the noise
Why her, who has lied
Should be alive
When she’s discouraged by people
She hurts like needles
Needles under her skin
Cutting until it’s thin
Once it is thin, it kills
Blood everywhere in the mills
Speaking a language she doesn’t know
So she just goes with the flow
Thinking about the same thing again
The same thing that she must gain.

by Amy Lee

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