Who Am I

I am the pastor's wife.
I am always on the go, I stand behind my man.
I study the Bible, I can't stop praying. That's my duty to.
I am young and beautiful, turn your nose up at me, and say what you please.
Oh, my, I Am The Pastor's Wife.
Believe me, I am enjoying every second, somewhat shy, but I step high.
Yet I have compassion for my fellow man.
So allow me to pass it on, that's what our Lord instructed us to do.
So don't swing out, swing in, we are a family. Let's get it together.
I can say this to you, I Am The Pastor's Wife.
Don't look down, look up and smile.
Be thankful, praise God from whom all blessing flow.
God said call upon Me and I will show you the way.
I Am The Pastor's Wife!

by Elizabeth Butler Walker

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