Who Am I

Poem By Meggie Gultiano

Who am i to judge a person
Casting the first stone
And physically harm and inflicting pain
Not feeling guilty, acting like an insane

Who am i, to be bitter
When all i have is love, not hatred and fear
Sheltered from the arms of my Creator
A small voice that deeply says..i am better

I was always humiliated
From dawn to dusk, tears i always shed
But i prayed to God to make me humble
And lead the way so i will not stumble...

Who am I.. just a little sheep..a servant of God

Comments about Who Am I

True submission in reverence....wonderfully pennened. I also have a poem in my collection 'Who am I'. You can read and review when you have time. CP
a write much pleasing much soothing to read, Meggie...noble is the message you give inside...thanks...10
The last line is very nice.
Megg you are a great poet who can write simple yet very effective poetry...10+++
I love it.....such wise words......because we don't know any ones true heart, but God does....so my only judgement is to simple love.... The more Love you give the more you get back... So beautifully written 10+++++++++++++++++ God bless you always Randy

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