RB (21st December / Siliguri)

Who Am I?

For me the life of a stray dog is much for valuable than that of 1,000 human beings

For me putting up a fight for the rights of a small fly is one of this world’s most important things.

I can risk the life of a human baby for saving just the small tail of a kitten

I remain unmoved with the atrocities faced by human beings, but cannot tolerate the scene of a single dog tied with a chain.

I have no problem if you abuse a person, but I will not allow it if you refer to an animal as “beast”

Who am I? Well, I am an Animal Rights Activist.

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Well a bifid poem depicts your passion and love for pets on one side and yet if we look with different aspect, the poem can be considered as a symbol for someone in search of self-identity. One has to rediscover oneself time and again to keep the pace going at a good rate.....10/10