Who Am I

As common as hello i was asked to many times before.
with wich no answer to provide, for i did not know.

As years went on so did the unknown
untill it was brought to my attention.

I am what one would call teddy bear
loveable, sweet, caring, and kind.

Friend indeed as true as can be
hugs and kisses given everyday.

To the end of time by your side
always protecting from harmful things.

Yes i do all of these things to the extreme
oh well its just who i am.

i dare ask this question to you so
by all means who are you

by david bailey

Comments (2)

Hello teddy bear how are you today are you ready for some hugs and kisses are you ready to play. I am the doll in the corner The one with the curly hair The one with the pink big bow How are you doing, teddy bear.
this is sweet, and it feels like a search too, because of the way you ended it